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Jan 04

From a Teenager to a Parent

Dear Parent: As we enter a new year, there are a few requests I’d like to make. Please know from the start, that this is difficult for me as I really am going through an identity crisis and even though you still think of me as your little one, I am changing. I want you …

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Feb 18

Lent 2015 – The First Anniversary

At 3 am on February 18, 2014, the Chariots came down and carried my Father across the River Jordan. One Year later, I stand on Ash Wednesday, a day when we proclaim as Catholics that “to dust we shall return”. Lent begins this 1st anniversary of My Father’s death – a 40 day season intended …

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Jan 18

Delaying the “Yes”

W. Nicholas Abraham, PhD A few days ago, I awoke and had the most “out of the box” idea. I wanted to send out an email to 12 friends and ask them to join me at a certain time for a celebration of life THAT NIGHT. I was going to ask 12 people who I …

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Jan 15

The Reviews Are In

The reviews are in and it’s a consensus….I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You is a winner. Here are what some of Dr. Nick’s readers have said about his latest work: “For anyone who’s been depressed, or found themselves facing daily situations that bring on stress, this is not only a great management tool, but can …

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Dec 23

The Holly and the Holy

by W. Nicholas Abraham, PhD Christmas Eve is two days away. And with this annual tradition, comes a variety of emotions and concerns. There is no happier memory of my childhood than going to bed on Christmas Eve, and knowing beyond a doubt that the next morning Santa would have come through our home and …

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Apr 30

DID YOU KNOW. . . That each human being is a guest house?

This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A Joy, Depression, a Meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all. Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture; still, treat each guest honorably. He/she may be clearing …

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Mar 11

Did You Know? That Lent was about Losing Weight?

I recently read that Lent is about more than losing weight. And I thought. But isn’t that the very essence of Lent? Losing the weight of bitterness, hatred, pride, jealousy, vengeance, scorn, greed and gluttony? And of course, the greatest weight of all, our own self-loathing and self-rejection. And how do we lose the weight? …

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Mar 02

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love can be best seen when we experience someone’s anger, sadness, bitterness, even despair and rather than dismiss, fix, attempt to change through shame, we simply declare with the deepest sincerity, “I LOVE YOU. Be what you need to be right now. This too shall pass.”   W. NICHOLAS ABRAHAM   March 1, 2014 …

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Feb 15

The Angel of Death? or Grace?

Saint Michael Angel of Death

January and February are the dreary months of the year. There’s little doubt that many of us will pass on during these months. Death seems so common during the dead of winter. Just the other night I had the gift of traveling with a Priest to anoint a mutual friend dying of cancer. As we …

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Jan 15

The Pledge of Allegiance to One’s Worth

Several years ago, when working with the military in Japan, I was humbled by the Japanese greeting. Whenever I was introduced to someone, he or she would make eye contact and then bow for a few seconds before me as if I were royalty. I’ve never forgotten the Eastern Bow and often when I meet …

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