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Join Whitney Vann on “Weekends With Whitney” every Sunday morning at 9:00 am on WBRZ Channel 2 in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Dr. Nick is a regular guest where he gives weekly tips on how to live and enjoy life to the fullest no matter what situation life happens to bring us. Below are segments of the show featuring Dr. Nick.

Apr 18

Dr. Nick Talks About Anger – Weekends with Whitney


Overcoming Obstacles – Weekends with Whitney

Dr. Nick talks about how one person’s life challenge can not only be hard, but can also be an inspiration to overcome any obstacle in life. This is of the true meaning to overcoming obstacles.


Join Whitney Vann on “Weekends With Whitney” every Sunday morning at 9:00 am on WBRZ Channel 2

Mar 25

Success? or Fruitfulness?

Society has taught that success is the main goal we all should acquire in life, but Dr. Nick explains the importance of being a fruitful person as the ultimate goal.


Words Can Change the Brain

Dr. Nick talks about how the power of words can change a person’s thought process within their life. Catch Dr. Nick on Weekends with Whitney – Sunday mornings at 9:00am on WBRZ Channel 2


Dr. Nick on Optimism – Weekends with Whitney

Optimism could be a very difficult concept to achieve in a world filled with negativity. Dr. Nick explains how this is a learned behavior and overtime can be achieved.


Dr. Nick on Productivity

Dr. Nick and Whitney talk about productivity in this episode of Weekends with Whitney



Dr. Nick on Parents, Show 65

Dr. Nick talks about the parenting role for an adult child on Weekends with Whitney





Jan 04

Dr. Nick on Crime & Punishment

This video is about Nov. 8, 2015


Dr. NIck Abraham’s New Book

Dr. Nick talks about his book, I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You


I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You: Mind Mood Motivation is a captivating collection of reflections for anyone in search of self-improvement and growth. With a masterful mix of wit, wisdom and analysis, W. Nicholas Abraham, M.Div., Ph.D. offers a no-holds-barred look at the human condition. From grief to recovery, relational drama to slowing the pace of today’s high-octane, technology-driven world, I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You is a roadmap to Destination Happiness.

– See more at:

Feb 26

A Lenten Reflection

Dr. Nick gives a moving reflection on the Lenten season as well as a tribute to his father, who passed away a year ago.

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