I Care Prevention Summit

06/01/2019 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Pennington Conference Center
Baton Rouge
Susan Thornton

Dr. Nick’s presentation at the Prevention Summit will focus on the impact of gun violence on the well-being of schools and ways to manage related stress.  Often ignored in the discussion of school gun violence is the toll it takes on all schools. This presentation will assist in the process of ensuring safety and a supportive environment in what quickly becomes a media event, focusing on the consequences of the exposure to violent acts. We will seek to correct distorted information, relieve anxiety and fear and challenge false beliefs, all toward developing resilience with an eye toward education as the primary goal of our school system.

Summit participants will consist of parents, teachers, school counselors, mental health counselors, prevention professionals, and social workers. Conference topics will include gun violence in schools, cyber safety and prevention, and bullying and suicide prevention.