Angel of God by Nick Abraham

Angel of God by Nick Abraham

Angel of God

A touching compilation of thought-provoking music as performed by Dr. Nicholas Abraham. Angel Of God is sure to touch the hearts of all who listen. On the Wings of Eagles contains verse text from the song On Eagles Wings by Michael Joncas, copyright, New Dawn Music, 5536 NE Hassalo, Portland, OR 97213. All rights reserved

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1. Standing on the Promise**
2. Answer Me**
3. Angel of God**
4. In My Darkest Hour of Night**
5. On the Wings of Eagles**
6. Hush
7. Glory to God
8. Alleluia
9. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
10. Memorial Acclamation/Great Amen
11. Lamb of God
12. Nothing Could Ever Separate Us

** These songs have samples in the video player below. To scroll through hover your mouse pointer over the player and click the left or right arrow on the player or click the thumbnails below the player.

Please Enjoy These Samples from “Angel of God”