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Feb 05

Complaining vs Constructive Criticism

Complaining vs constructive criticism is Dr. Nick and Whitney Vann’s topic of conversation this week on “Weekends with Whitney”. Dr Nick begins the segment by quoting Abraham Lincoln: “Instead of complaining about a rose bush that has thorns, rejoice that there’s a thorn bush that has roses.” As Dr Nick puts it, we need to …

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Jan 15

Positivity and How to Achieve It – Video

Positivity – what is it and what is it not is the subject of this weeks segment with Dr Nick on “Weekends With Whitney”. Dr Nick tells us how we can stay positive even when surrounded by negativity. He explains that positivity isn’t always being up, but instead being balanced and forward looking.

Nov 22

How to Face Change in Your Life – Video

Dr Nick sits down with Whitney Vann on “Weekends With Whitney” each Sunday morning at 6:30 on WBRZ Channel 2 to discuss important life topics. In this episode Dr Nick tells us how to deal with and embrace change in our lives. As he says in this clip, without change we would have no butterflies.