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Feb 05

Complaining vs Constructive Criticism

Complaining vs constructive criticism is Dr. Nick and Whitney Vann’s topic of conversation this week on “Weekends with Whitney”. Dr Nick begins the segment by quoting Abraham Lincoln: “Instead of complaining about a rose bush that has thorns, rejoice that there’s a thorn bush that has roses.” As Dr Nick puts it, we need to …

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Jan 20

How to Not Always Say Yes

Dr. Nick and Whitney Vann discuss saying yes, how to think before always saying yes, when to not say yes and when to delay the yes in this week’s segment on “Weekends with Whitney”, which airs on WBRZ, channel 2 in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Jan 16

Worry and How to Control It – Video

Dr. Nick Abraham discusses worry, controlling it and not letting it run your life during his segment on the “Weekends With Whitney” Show, with Whitney Vann.

Jan 16

Where is Your Attention At – Video

Dr Nick Abraham and Whitney Vann discuss “Attention” and where your attention is, where it should be focused and how to succeed by paying the right attention to the areas that need it in his weekly segment on “Weekends with Whitney”. You can visit Whitney’s website at www.weekendswithwhitney.net

Jan 15

Creating Wealth in the New Year – Video

How would you like to be wealthier in the new year, and we are not talking about money. Dr. Nick shares his expertise on creating wealth in his weekly segment on Whitney Vann’s show, “Weekends with Whitney”.

Jan 15

How to Have Good Communication – Video

To start off the New Year, Dr. Nick talks about communicating, what good communication entails and how to improve your communication skills during his weekly segment on “Weekends With Whitney”.

Mar 02

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love can be best seen when we experience someone’s anger, sadness, bitterness, even despair and rather than dismiss, fix, attempt to change through shame, we simply declare with the deepest sincerity, “I LOVE YOU. Be what you need to be right now. This too shall pass.”   W. NICHOLAS ABRAHAM   March 1, 2014 …

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