Building A Better You

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William Nicholas Abraham, M.Div, Ph.D, or “Dr. Nick”, is a life coach, licensed professional counselor, motivational speaker, recording artist, author, teacher and trailblazer. With more than 30 years experience in treating substance abuse, depression and anxiety, he provides counseling, psychotherapy, guidance and psycho-education to couples, individuals, adolescents and families in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. He also offers group counseling and presentations. He treats a wide range of clients, including those suffering from PTSD, depression, relational conflicts. He also works with helping the LGBTQ population work through identity issues, acceptance and family struggles. Call 225-454-4747 for appointment.

Why did we choose Helping to Build a Better You as our underlying purpose? Because we wanted to intentionally call forth as many interpretations as there are clients. We want to help each and every person to reach one’s full potential in life, and by doing so enabling happiness and well being in all.

  • Building a Better You is NOT about finding the “right” or the “socially acceptable” way.
  • Building a Better You is about dancing to your own drumbeat without offending the neighbors.
  • Building a Better You is about rediscovering lost or broken, misplaced or misjudged aspects of your personality.
  • Building a Better You is about learning and relearning ways to regulate your moods and flow with life instead of always fighting.
  • Building a Better You is about becoming skilled in the art and science of navigating through the storms of life, motivated by persistence in the face of mistake-making, and experiencing the rainbow at the end of each storm.
  • Building a Better You is about weighing individual wants and needs in the face of the needs of others, including friends, family, neighborhood and the world at large.
  • Building a Better You is about developing self-discipline, an attitude of service to those in need and a willingness to row against the tide of public opinion for the sake of one’s conscience.
  • Building a Better You is about integrating one’s inner world and the 3 great energies (child, adolescent and adult) and facing the demands of the outer world with confidence, serenity, integrity and a deep abiding faith in the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Building a Better You is about discernment, adaptation, decision-making, moving forward and bringing continued healing to past wounds, traumatic memories and blocked emotions in order to create new and more authentic patterns of living.

We are here, not as experts who have arrived but as brothers and sisters on the journey, guides and wounded helpers, committed to self-improvement as well as caring for those we serve. We are here to listen to the needs of all those we are privileged to serve, especially those that are unspoken. WE ARE HERE TO HELP BUILD A BETTER YOU

To reach Dr. Nick Abraham, email him at [email protected] or call 225-454-4747

 Dr. Nick’s Reflections

~ The human condition is not about an absence of suffering, but about the presence of God within me.

~ Be careful of the adage, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” …Sometimes we get too fixated on resolving everything on our chronological “sun down” and forget that God may live in a different time zone.

~ To have a strong offense in life doesn’t mean to be aggressive. Neither does having a strong defense mean putting up the armor. In fact, I often think the greatest offense is a defense that pushes back, forces a fumble, or an interception and moves the ball forward by being grounded in one’s confidence level and able to push back when confronted wrongly.

Discussing Behavioral Health

For several years, he joined Whitney Vann on “Weekends With Whitney” to discuss topics related to behavioral health.

To reach Dr. Nick Abraham, email him at [email protected] or call 225-454-4747