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Order any of Dr. Nick’s five self help books here. His latest is “I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You” His books will inspire, motivate and enhance your life.


Book on Self Improvement and Growth

I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You: Mind, Mood, Motivation

I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You: Mind Mood Motivation is a captivating collection of reflections for anyone in search of self-improvement and growth. With a masterful mix of wit, wisdom and analysis, W. Nicholas Abraham, M.Div., Ph.D. offers a no-holds-barred look at the human condition. From grief to recovery, relational drama to slowing the pace of today’s high-octane, technology-driven world, I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You is a roadmap to Destination Happiness.


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influence of the psychology of ritual

Becoming A Eucharistic People

A profound yet simple reflection on the movements of assembly and the influence of the psychology of ritual, the power of group dynamics and the implications of each can have on our daily choices, actions and intentions.


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Parenting and teaching

Parent Heart

The Parent Heart Guide is used all across the nation. A workbook that can be used over and over again, it lays out chapter by chapter, effective ways to manage children by incorporating love and discipline. But more importantly, this insightful and non-threatening approach helps adults to shed ineffective parenting and teaching strategies as well as behaviors. How do we change children’s behaviors? Often times by changing our own. A guide you want to have by your bed at all times.


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parenting book



Parenting the Parent: Reflections by the Dozen

Twelve heart-warming stories that will give you hope and rekindle a love for your life and the lives of those around you.


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Order You've Got Male - Men, Manhood and the Medicine of Life Online

You’ve Got Male – Men, Manhood and the Medicine of Life

A book that features straight talk about real life issues that most men are afraid to talk about.“In a conversational tone, Abraham hits the nail on the head with each reflection. He offers a strength of will and peace of mind. A gifted writer.”
Andrew Corona
Merrillville Indiana$10.00 + $5.00 Shipping




living well

Resources for Living Well

101 Reflections that inspire readers to become their highest selves. Challenging, motivational and always filled with insight for daily living.


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