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Join Nick Abraham and Whitney Vann on “Weekends With Whitney” every Sunday morning at 6:30 AM Central on WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dr. Nick is a regular guest who gives tips on how to live and enjoy life to the fullest no matter what life happens to bring us. For more segments, subscribe to Dr. Nick's You Tube Channel!

Success? or Fruitfulness?

Society has taught that success is the main goal we all should acquire in life, but Dr. Nick explains the importance of being a fruitful person as the ultimate goal.

Dr. NIck Abraham’s New Book

Dr. Nick talks about his book, I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You   I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You: Mind Mood Motivation is a captivating collection of reflections for anyone in search of self-improvement and growth. With a masterful mix of wit, wisdom and analysis, W. Nicholas Abraham, M.Div., Ph.D. offers a no-holds-barred look at the …

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A Lenten Reflection

Dr. Nick gives a moving reflection on the Lenten season as well as a tribute to his father, who passed away a year ago.

Lent – The Season of Giving Up

Dr. Nick and Whitney Vann talk about “The Lenten Season” and what it means in this clip from Weekends With Whitney. It is a custom to give something up during Lent each year by Catholics and Non-Catholics alike. Dr. Nick and Whitney discuss how we can not only give something up, but how we can …

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Influence: How to Have It Over Others

In this segment of “Weekends With Whitney”, which originally aired on February 15, 2015, Dr. Nick Abraham and Whitney Vann discuss the topic of influence. They talk about how, even though we may not realize it, we have can have an influence over each person we come into contact with. That influence can either be …

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The Company We Keep

“The Company We Keep” is the topic for this episode of Dr. Nick on Weekends With Whitney. Dr. Nick and Whitney Vann talk about how the people we choose to surround ourselves with make a difference in our lives. The people around us can be either good influences or bad influences. It is up to …

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Complaining vs Constructive Criticism

Complaining vs constructive criticism is Dr. Nick and Whitney Vann’s topic of conversation this week on “Weekends with Whitney”. Dr Nick begins the segment by quoting Abraham Lincoln: “Instead of complaining about a rose bush that has thorns, rejoice that there’s a thorn bush that has roses.” As Dr Nick puts it, we need to …

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Burnout: How to Avoid and Overcome It

Do you ever feel like you are on the edge of burnout? The best thing is not to get to that point. That doesn’t always happen though. Burnout can affect everyone. In this weeks segment on Weekends with Whitney Dr Nick discusses burnout, its causes and effects, warning signs, and how to overcome it. See …

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How to Not Always Say Yes

Dr. Nick and Whitney Vann discuss saying yes, how to think before always saying yes, when to not say yes and when to delay the yes in this week’s segment on “Weekends with Whitney”, which airs on WBRZ, channel 2 in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Dr Nick Discusses His New Book I’m Limping Very Well – Video

In this segment of “Weekends With Whitney” Dr Nick discusses his newest book, “I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You”. He tells us what he means by that, some of the motivations he had to write this book and how to apply the concepts in the book to our own lives.