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Nov 05

Never Fully Satisfied? That’s OK!

VIDEO: Never Fully Satisfied? That’s OK!

Jun 11

Dr. Nick on Work

VIDEO:     How do we make work…work for us?

Jun 10

Dr. Nick on Attraction, Part 1

VIDEO:     What attracts us to some people more than others? Have you felt an instant connection with someone? Dr. Nick talks with Whitney Vann about “Soul Connections” on this segment from “Weekends with Whitney.”  Please subscribe to Dr. Nick’s YouTube channel for more helpful insights.

Jun 10

Dr. Nick on Attraction, Part 2

VIDEO:     What is more valuable in a person’s life, a romantic relationship or friendship? Dr. Nick reminds us that the best romantic relationships are based on friendship. He and Whitney continue their discussion on attraction in this video, “Dr. Nick on Attraction, Part 2.”

Jun 10

Anxiety, Causes and Solutions, with Dr. Nick

VIDEO: A little anxiety can be good, but we need to explore where intense anxiety might be rooted, which is usually in core belief systems, often from childhood. We’ve got to do something with those anxious memories. We CAN recognize and change the script. We CAN change the rules we used to live by. We …

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May 06

Dr. Nick on Likeability

Likeability is in our control. Dr. Nick and Whitney take a look at factors which people find likeable – and unlikeable- on this episode of Weekends with Whitney.

May 06

The Easter Experience

During the Easter season, Dr. Nick reflects on deaths and rebirths. I’ve had too many deaths and rebirths in my life to not believe that there’s something good still waiting.

Apr 06

Keep Calm and Carry On

 Watch Dr. Nick and Whitney discuss the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” through the lenses of (C) Curiosity, (A) Acceptance, (L) Loving compassion and (M) Motivation inspired by an article in Psychology Today on this segment from Weekends with Whitney.

Apr 01

What to Do About the Elephant in the Room

Ignore the elephant in the room and it gets bigger. We don’t want to confront it because we may fear future disconnection, estrangement or conflict. Somebody’s got to be big enough to say, “We’ve got to talk about this.” If you feel like there’s an elephant in the room, it means that you care about …

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Mar 02

Dr. Nick Explores ACT

Dr.  Nick explores ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Theory – in layman’s terms. Watch here!

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