The Reviews Are In

The reviews are in and it’s a consensus….I’m Limping Very Well, Thank You is a winner. Here are what some of Dr. Nick’s readers have said about his latest work:

“For anyone who’s been depressed, or found themselves facing daily situations that bring on stress, this is not only a great management tool, but can take you on your own personal journey. At times, some of it feels like it seems as though the book may be asking you to examine your own issues, but it also can offer the tools so that you know you are not alone. This is one of the best self help books out there so snatch it up and work on becoming a better you!
By Jamie L. Gately Read review on Amazon

“I bought this book for each of my grown children and one for myself! I highly recommend this for any age level. The pages are easy to read, and the author, Nicholas Abraham, tells it like it is! He goes beyond the surface of how we think and why we do ridiculous things! This book does not come down on anyone, but lifts up anyone who picks up this book to read! This book does not preach, but gives positive outlooks on things we never thought about! AWESOME!!!!”
By Kristina Murphy Read review on Amazon

“A great book and bears rereading.” By Cheryl A. Smith

I thought I’d never finish the book because I was compelled to re-read and re-read and re-read sections. I spent a lot of time to reflect upon certain passages. That’s a great response, Nicky. I’m sure I won’t be the only one to do so. Excellent, excellent work. Enjoyed very much and have started again from the beginning. By Melissa Babcock Argrave

“He is blessed with a way with words and I thank him for sharing those with us.” By Tracy Lipscomb Riley

Nicky, I am wowed once again by your beautiful words. This essay or dare I say, homily spoke to me in such a way I’m still shaking a bit. Thank you for sharing with me, all of your friends, and all of mine once I share this post! I am thankful for God’s blessing in bringing us together to assist Marines and their families in Okinawa as well as assisting the other FROs. You are a true living saint on this earth. You have touched my heart and soul with your open, peaceful spirit. May God continually bless you my dear friend. Merry Christmas!!!” By Gina Rabassi

“A profound writer” By Rev. Joe Rodrigues, SDS

“I am really enjoying your book. To offer to others so freely that you have been through the dark night of the soul is brave and meaningful; to offer what you learned to others is (to me) a high form of charity.” By Nancy Broussard

“Beautiful reflection on Christmas! You definitely have a way with words.” By Jason Becnel

This is a heartwarming book. The personal story and wisdom gives the reader a refreshing wave of healthy optimism and a deeper sense of human value. By Jason Pitre

Nick, I remember you from high school. I love to read your words of encouragement. Thank you for all you postings and videos. You touch so many people with your words and smiling face. By Birdsong Carr

I had a very laid-back, reflective weekend….thanks to you. I cuddled up with “I’m Limping Well, Thank You” and was taken to a deep place within my heart, mind & soul. I could relate to pretty much the entire book. Needless to say, I read it on Saturday & then again on Sunday! I will certainly go back to it on a regular basis. Thank you so much for a gift that I can carry within me forever. By Mona Jewell

If you have read Dr Nick’s new book we would love to hear what you have to say.