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Resetting the Default – Friendliness or Hostility

By W. Nicholas Abraham, Ph.D., LPC   Friendly? Or Hostile Universe? As I’ve stated before, Einstein has been credited with saying the most important question to answer daily is whether we will view the universe as friendly or hostile. I think of this question daily and am very comfortable saying that with all of the …

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Resetting the Default – Anger

By W. Nicholas Abraham, Ph.D., LPC   If I hear anger one more time by the political commentators, I am going to blow! Wow, my anger is growing. What’s going on? Why so much anger within me, I ask? Within the electorate? In every day life? There are probably many roots to anger, so let this …

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Resetting the Default – Boundaries

W. Nicholas Abraham, Ph.D., LPC   Do you have healthy boundaries? It is a very powerful and necessary question to ask oneself from time to time. In fact, I have found that the question often leads one to a therapeutic awakening, and a readjustment of personal boundaries. While we know that love can’t breathe without space …

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From a Teenager to a Parent

Dear Parent: As we enter a new year, there are a few requests I’d like to make. Please know from the start, that this is difficult for me as I really am going through an identity crisis and even though you still think of me as your little one, I am changing. I want you …

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A Lenten Reflection

Dr. Nick gives a moving reflection on the Lenten season as well as a tribute to his father, who passed away a year ago.

Lent – The Season of Giving Up

Dr. Nick and Whitney Vann talk about “The Lenten Season” and what it means in this clip from Weekends With Whitney. It is a custom to give something up during Lent each year by Catholics and Non-Catholics alike. Dr. Nick and Whitney discuss how we can not only give something up, but how we can …

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Lent 2015 – The First Anniversary

At 3 am on February 18, 2014, the Chariots came down and carried my Father across the River Jordan. One Year later, I stand on Ash Wednesday, a day when we proclaim as Catholics that “to dust we shall return”. Lent begins this 1st anniversary of My Father’s death – a 40 day season intended …

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Influence: How to Have It Over Others

In this segment of “Weekends With Whitney”, which originally aired on February 15, 2015, Dr. Nick Abraham and Whitney Vann discuss the topic of influence. They talk about how, even though we may not realize it, we have can have an influence over each person we come into contact with. That influence can either be …

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The Company We Keep

“The Company We Keep” is the topic for this episode of Dr. Nick on Weekends With Whitney. Dr. Nick and Whitney Vann talk about how the people we choose to surround ourselves with make a difference in our lives. The people around us can be either good influences or bad influences. It is up to …

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Delaying the “Yes”

W. Nicholas Abraham, PhD A few days ago, I awoke and had the most “out of the box” idea. I wanted to send out an email to 12 friends and ask them to join me at a certain time for a celebration of life THAT NIGHT. I was going to ask 12 people who I …

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